A big step towards the supply of goods

Amir Pishro Sanat Caspian

Amir Pishro Sanat Caspian

Amir Pishro Sanat Caspian (APSC) Company has been able to take a big step in providing basic commodity to promote the economic and cultural level of the society, using its skill and experience in importing. The most basic goods provided by this company are paper and cardboard of printing and packaging, yarn and fabric and mobile phone. We hope to be able to take a valuable step in increasing the country’s economic prosperity by continuing this path.

Specialists and Trustworthy People

In every case, the presence of specialists, trustworthy and seasoned people results in growth and evolution. This issue requires more attention due to the delicacy of work and the presence of macro capital in import. The APSC has been able to introduce a new field of imports in our country using efficient human resources.


The APSC Company has been able to gain the trust of many industries, companies, and relevant offices and providing the relevant goods by accurate acting in accords to relevant contracts and rules.


Transparency is one of the most important factors for the correct import steps. The APSC Company is proud to announce that at all stages of import, transportation and supply of goods, they have clearly been providing relevant institutions with relevant documents and submitting them in the relevant systems.

The Basic Role of Import in Supplying Industries

Over the years, societies have provided their need for consumption through the exchange of goods and capital. This issue increased during the growth of manufacturing industries and it can be said that it is vital to import basic and strategic goods for the industries of each country. Feeling lack of imports, the APSC Company has always tried to alleviate the burden on people’s shoulders using existing funds. This is not limited to the industries, and the company is trying to satisfy the needs of our beloved people in this area with imports of basic consumer goods.

Imported Products

APSC Company has always been trying to provide the main needed products for industries and people through imports.

Cell Phone

Provide students’ needs during the pandemicا

Import of yarn and fabric

Growth of textile industries

Import of paper and cardboard

Contribution to cultural and educational institutions and the packaging industry

Supply of goods

At each stage, all the processes needed to fulfill the plans are executed.

Finding Goods

At goods-finding stage, the APSC Company tries to estimate the current economic needs and provide the required goods by analyzing the strategic trends in investment, goods, etc.


The import is the main stage of work, which includes tracking and systematic operations, foreign transport currency, etc., which requires great financial capital and experience, which are the basis of the formation the APSC Company.

Supply of Goods

In the supply stage of goods, imported goods are marketed which results in the growth of industries and increasing the economic power of the people.


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